High Production Polishing

Badger Metal Finishing has been serving the polishing and buffing needs of the metal finishing industry since 1969. We are able to provide just about any type of finish that may be required throughout the polishing and buffing industry.

As we currently stand, we are operating at only 85% capacity on first shift. We have a combination of 36 polishing lathes and buffing machines, which enables us to provide employment for 72 polishers and buffers on one shift.

We provide polishing services on a custom basis to the public as well as on a production basis.

At Badger Metal Finishing we are able to accomodate any size production run. We specialize in JIT (Just In Time) delivery. We are knowledgeable with the lean manufacturing method that is becoming very common in the manufacturing industry.

We take pride in our ability to meet harsh deadlines without compromising quality.

At this time we are seeking ISO certification. We are a quality conscious company and we strive to maintain a delightful low rate of rejections due to inferior quality.

We put extreme value as well as extreme effort into maintaining a very open line of communication with our customers. We believe that with an open line of communication any obstacle can be overcome. We view our relationships with our customers as being strategic partners not just a customer-vendor relationship.