Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of the most durable finishes; in both its finish and its color, and its cost-effectiveness makes it one of the top finishes available on the market today. This gives businesses, consumers, and industrial industries a very low maintenance, cost effective finish they can rely on.

Powder coating is an intricate process of applying a protective finish that can serve as a decorative finish also. Powder coating can be applied to a variety of metals; both ferrous and non ferrous. Powder coating can be used by industries and consumers alike.

The powder used for powder coating is a combination of resins and ground particles of pigment. This electrically charged mixture is sprayed onto the electrically charged surface to be coated. The powder then adheres to the electrically charged surface. It is then heated and cured into the desired finish and color by going through a high temperature oven. The end result is a consistent, heavy-duty, premium, and beautiful finish. Powder coating denotes more than 10% of the finishing applications and is the fastest growing industry over all other finishes.

Power Coating Benefits

The sturdy finish powder coating gives a surface, makes the surface less likely to scratch or chip with ease. The color is also less inclined to fade or wear…colors remain lively and brilliant for years to come. Powder coating is a long lasting finish. Powder coating comes in an endless assortment of colors, finishes, and textures. Textured finishes can conceal blemishes as well.

Due to the environmental friendliness of powder coating, companies are not forced to invest millions of dollars into equipment for protection of our environment.

Metal Powder Coating Applications

Badger Metal Finishings Powder Coating Division is a conveyor system with a multi-stage parts washer and booth style application system. We can accommodate the smallest of parts up to items over 6 FT long! We also have, in inventory, a vast array of colors and textures for you to choose from. Or,  have prepared a special color match. We aim to fully complete your project within your budget and timeframe.